Tracking Edutainment Companies

Indirect Competitors & Alternatives

Osmo: Educational games for kids with interactive & AR experiences. Acquired by Byjus
Wonderbly: Personalized books and stories for kids
Epic: Digital library for children's books
Discover Wonders: STEM talking books
MakePad: DIY tablet teaching kids to code
Root: Robot for teaching kids to code
Cubetto: Educational toy for teaching young kids coding off the screen
Bitsbox: Monthly coding projects for kids
Erase All Kittens: Teaching kids to code
Bookroo: Book club for kids
Amazon Children's book subscription service:
PlayShifu - Augmented Reality based learning toys, games and kits. Did a Kickstarter for a product.
Smartivity - DIY Kits, AR tools
Y-Combinator Incubated Startups:
Madefire is Koyo for comics. Rolling Stone writers about Magic Leap - Madefire partnership
Kindoma - Read stories with your kids over video chat
Caribu - Read stories, draw over video chat
Ustyme - Similar to Kindoma and Caribu
OckyPocky - Language learning teaching kids English. Founder Amit Agarwal is ex-Youtube India head
Bulbul - Creating kids content & apps. Funded.
Fable Studios - VR storytelling partnered with Magic Leap
Subscription boxes for kids: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3 - STEM focus, Article 4 - STEM focus
Moonlite: Bedtime story projector for mobile phones
Astroreality: Miniature planet models enhanced by AR
Square Panda, Square Tales: Learning for pre-school kids
Novel Effect: :Voice-drive stories. Read physical story books accompanied by voice, music & sound effects. Raised money on SharkTank + Series A round which included Amazon
Little Magic Books: Kickstarter
Pictoblox AI: Fun way for kids to learn ML & AI
NIghtZooKeeper: Helping kids improve writing, reading & creative skills
Whitehat Jr: Teaching kids to code
Primer: Homeschooling for kids
Uable: Homeschooling for Kids
Creaplay: Drama & Storytelling through animated experiences
1Question: A study question before a kid fires up an entertainment app
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Children's Books Publishers in India

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Pratham Books

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